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Reading Logs. (Sigh) October 20, 2009

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Does this sound familiar to you….

Me:  “L, you forgot to fill out how many minutes you read each night on your log.  Please come and get your log and fill out your minutes.”

L : ” Ummm, I don’t remember how many minutes I read each night Mrs.  B.  But I know I did get in all my minutes!  And look, this week I remembered to have my mom sign EVERY NIGHT!”

Me:  “L, how am I to give you full credit if you haven’t followed the directions?”

L:  “Hmmmm.  I’ll have to think about that one.”  Silence.  More silence. 

And so it goes, every Friday in my classroom after I collect reading logs.  I despise them (the logs, not the kids), I really do.  Last year, I didn’t use reading logs at all, and I was happy.  And the children were happy.   And everyone was READING!  This year, I decided to start the logs up again.  I can not tell you why I made this decision.  What’s the point of the log… I really can’t use the data collected from them, because who knows if it’s accurate?  I mean, sometimes I feel  like giving the kids a reading log to complete  is like saying, “Please lie to me,” because I suspect half the time kids just make up their entries! 

I’m going to discontinue the log at the end of the quarter next week.  Possible alternatives?  I’m throwing a few ideas around, but I’m still doing my research.  Whatever I decide I’ll be sure to share.